1. Managing your Reputation Online

Date: September 18, 2020

“Your reputation is still the most important thing that you’ve got.” Ricky Gervais

Social media and online forums are all about sharing images, videos and messages, and what is posted defines a person’s reputation online. What and how you create, share and engage online represents who you are, what you are interested in and what your thoughts and opinions are. This is easier said than done though; factor in the fear of being criticized, disagreed with or even trolled, the pressures to appear a certain way to get positive attention and gain likes and followers and the potential permanency of what you are posting.

It can be difficult to find the perfect balance of how much you share about yourself online. You want to make your profiles unique and true to who you are but you also need to protect your privacy and guard against negative engagement. Sometimes it is easier to determine what NOT to post than it is to decide what to post.
Here are some obvious tips on what should not be shared:

  • Your or anyone else’s address or location
  • Your or anyone else’s phone number
  • Your password information
  • No offensive content
  • No inappropriate or sexually suggestive content

When it comes to deciding what to post, don’t feel pressured to post for the sake of posting, resist the temptation to edit your images or videos in ways that manipulate their authenticity and mislead, and never compromise yourself and your reputation by posting or sharing inappropriate images, videos and text, no matter how overwhelming the peer pressure is.

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