Be The Sun That Makes Your Child Shine

Date: July 14, 2021
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We’ve all watched THAT movie where the over-worked/over-achiever parent misses the child’s stage performance, crushing disappointment etched on the child’s face as she sees the empty chair in the audience. Bad parent!

Really? Children are our pride and our joy. They are our present and our future, their achievements are our happiness. And we are their cheerleaders. The first time they smiled, we cheered. When they first rolled over, sat up, crawled, walked, said Mama or Dada, rode a bike, scored a goal, we cheered.

But sometimes life gets in the way, like with our ‘fictitious’, over-worked movie character. And that’s okay if inflicting disappointment is the rare exception and not the rule. Children need to know that their hard work to achieve a milestone is recognized and applauded by those who are most important to them – their parents. They look out at the auditorium audience or stadium crowd to make sure we saw them – to see that we were cheering for them.

When choosing a school for your budding Da Vinci, Einstein, Jordan, Mother Theresa, Oprah or Curie, make sure it not only has a world-class curriculum that ignites intellectual potential, but it also has the extra-curricular muscle to instill insatiable curiosity and uncover hidden talent. Plus, of course, a school staffed with educators who are an integral part of your cheer team; for you, your child and your community.

Your cheerleading role is a never-ending journey. No matter how far away life will take your child, you will always cheer them on. When they suffer love’s heartbreak, face workplace conflict, walk down the aisle, hold their own newly-born baby, you’ll be there – advising, admiring, cheering.

The encouragement, praise, and affirmation you give has just as much traction as your love. By being their biggest cheerleader, you are the sun that makes them shine; a gift they will pass on to their own children.

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