Devices gone? Holidays on!

Date: June 28, 2021
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Let’s face it, getting your children entirely off their devices this holiday is an impossibility. So how do you, as a parent, help your child strike the right balance between sedentary online activity and physical indoor/outdoor action?
Often, children lounge around on their chosen devices out of habit. It’s not always about not wanting to do anything else. The big trick this holiday is to disturb their habitual behaviour with complementary, fun, physically and mentally- stimulating alternatives.

help your child strike the right balance between sedentary online activity and physical indoor/outdoor action

Get moving

It’s suggested that children between 5 and 18 years need at least 60 minutes of exercise 3 days a week to build their muscles and bones – hopping, cycling, swimming, running, etc.

Let’s get them moving. Your child’s fitness can increase considerably during the summer holidays. If you can encourage your child to champion the exercise habit, chances are they’ll keep it up when the new term starts!

Fitness, naturally

Getting them out into nature – hiking, camping, mountain biking, horse riding, the lakes, wildlife photography, birdwatching – is a great way to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle; and to make shared, wonderful and indelible memories.

Special assignments

Responsibilities learned at an early age are good. Draw up a weekly schedule for family meals, and enter the best into the Jam-Packed Lifestyle Master Chef competition.

The holiday is the perfect time to spring clean, to clear cupboards of clothes they’ve grown out of, toys they no longer play with, and can donate to charity.

Why not get them to wash the family car once a week, or walk the dog, morning and afternoon? Don’t forget to thank your children for jobs well done. Appreciation goes a long way.

Uncover genius

Is your child the next Picasso, Chanel or J.K. Rowling? Encourage self-expression through painting (not just art, but his/her bedroom wall), writing a short story, completing a woodwork project, designing a dress or suit for the school ball, creating a movie using a smartphone, whatever! Why not enter the most inspired creation into the Jam-Packed Lifestyle Creative Genius competition?

If your children are dedicated to physical fitness and wellbeing, consider entering Verbal Jam’s Jam-Packed Lifestyle Health & Fitness Guru competition.

Getting your children off the couch and away from their devices, even for a while, will be immensely beneficial to them – now and in the future.

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