In 2020, Atlas Shrugged!

Date: January 20, 2021
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In Greek mythology the powerful Titan, Atlas, holds up the earth. In 2020, human behavior exhausted Atlas so much that he shrugged, thereby unleashing COVID-19 upon humankind.

Of course, this explanation is pure fabrication. But the effect of 2020’s pandemic is not. What has it taught us? What constructive lessons can we learn from the events of last year?

Be a doing word. Time is precious. don’t waste yours by merely dreaming about doing good. Step out and be there for individuals and for your community. Your actions create ripples that spread, overlapping with those created by others. What good can you do today that will impact your tomorrow?

Simple is better. For most of us, lockdown, shutdown, cancellation and aloneness has rekindled an appreciation of small, joyous moments – bare feet on grass, the sun’s warmth on your face, the hues of a fallen autumn leaf, the reconnection with faraway friends on Zoom, of reading, of listening to music. Once this pandemic has passed, and it will, remember the small, simple things that made you smile in 2020. You’ll appreciate the freedom of 2021 and beyond so much more.

Discover who YOU are. Whatever your age or stage of life, 2020 has allowed, in fact, forced you to slow down and look, really look in the mirror and reevaluate who is staring back at you. Realize you can be whatever you choose, YOUR choice. No-one else’s – not your parents, partner, family or friends. There’s no time like now to be yourself. Unapologetically!

Ignite passion! Passion smolders in each one of us. The year 2020 has taught us that life doesn’t wait for anyone, so it makes no sense to waste your precious time living a life devoid of a burning desire to create, accomplish and achieve something meaningful and empowering. Ask yourself, what am I passionate about? What gives me purpose? Answer honestly, then pursue your passion with as much fervor as you can muster. If it’s a hobby, great. Ignite it. Only you can.

Keep learning. When the pandemic swept the world, we were, for a while, like a sailboat without wind, becalmed. Then our quest for knowledge reemerged. Students accepted distance learning, explorers travelled to faraway destinations on smart phones and TV, so did wannabe chefs learning new recipes, fitness junkies learning new moves, culture vultures learning new languages, plus, plus, plus!

Perhaps the most important thing 2020 has taught us is that if we unite in the fight against willful ignorance, together we can – like Atlas – shrug off what is not good and grow that which is. It’s in our hands.

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