Jam-Packed Lifestyle

Share your Jam-Packed lifestyle with the AISL community. We’ve got all topics covered in the below categories. You’ll not only be interacting big time with the AISL community, but you could also WIN great prizes – plus have stacks of fun! Do you have a mindfulness meditation to share, a never-fail family recipe others should try, a song that needs an audience, a favourite holiday destination you recommend or a new game you’re keen to challenge someone to? If so, follow the instructions below and get jamming!

How to enter:

Create! Whether on the dance floor, behind a mic, playing an instrument, or painting a canvas, create and show us! Good or bad!
‘Pump up the Jam’ with your heart-pumping, pace-setting health-style exercises, or wellness tips. Bloopers welcome!
Make a stir with your oh-so-delicious culinary delights. Or attempts!
Level up! Which online games get you going? Tell us your take on popular (and not so popular) Apps
Get onboard to exciting, unexpected, faraway places. Even just around the corner counts!