Physically Apart, Emotionally Connected!

Date: November 20, 2020
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Do you have family and/or friends living far away? Gone are the days of relying on telephones and snail mail to stay in touch. The answer to maintaining strong, meaningful and healthy relationships is communication; and today there are so many ways to regularly speak to, hear, see and relate to loved ones in another city or continent – in real time!

The power of social network with its shared posts, videos and pictures is immense. Harness it. Messaging Apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and more are great ways to bring your loved ones close, no matter how physically far away they are. Besides enjoying wonderfully personal one-on-one conversations, why not create messaging groups which allow you to communicate with your nearest and dearest people instantaneously, all at the same time.

As far as possible, video call. This allows you to share precious moments like seeing your niece’s first baby steps, your brother’s graduation or your grandfather’s 80th birthday celebration. You can watch and listen to these moments live, or have the events recorded and sent to you. Seeing and hearing is so much more memorable, meaningful and special than reading.

A really fun way to maintain regular, significant and enjoyable contact is to plan ongoing, virtual family meals, preferably on Sundays when most people are at home. Of course, different time zones must be considered. The same goes for other scheduled events, such as quiz or Trivial Pursuit nights.

Virtual is not always best. Diarise birthdays and, well before the big day, send a gift (it doesn’t have to be big or expensive) plus a personalised note. You’re making your beloved birthday boy or girl feel special; because to you, they are!

Home is indeed where the heart is. Today, with all the technological miracles at our disposal, you can maintain an indelible emotional connection – despite the physical distance between you.

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