Three Ways to Unlock Your Superpowers Online

Date: September 21, 2020

Chances are your parents and teachers did not grow up with social media, they did not have to deal with the never-ending pressure to stay connected, both literally and figuratively. So it is not surprising that when it comes to lessons on how to use online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc. you think you know more than they do; and more than likely, technically speaking, you do.

However, despite the technology and perhaps because of their objectivity, they have really important lessons to teach you about how to manage your reputation online, and how to behave respectfully and take responsibility for all you do in the digital space. In a series of three articles we focus on the fundamental principles of Digital Citizenship.

  1. Managing your Reputation Online
  2. Creating, Sharing and Engaging Online in a Respectful Way
  3. Taking Responsibility for Your Digital Footprint

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